Google Review & Referral Generator

Engage Use past clients to generate new referrals

Generate new referrals with Google reviews

When you optimize your local presence by generating tons of positive Google Reviews, you will naturally start to enjoy a significant increase in leads—leads who call your office simply because your firm’s name showed up in a search result.

  • Your past clients will receive a free gift from your firm—enrollment in 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score—as well as free credit education in the form of a customized email sequence designed to build their appreciation toward the generosity of your firm.
  • We will routinely ask your past and current leads to describe their positive interactions with your firm.
  • Our software distinguishes between positive reviews and negative reviews. Positive reviews are sent to Google; negative reviews are sent to your firm’s private inbox.
  • We manage all setup and maintenance, and the sequences are fully automated.
  • The program is compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Our process in
2 minutes

How it works


We start by giving your past clients free enrollment into our 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score Program.


Once your clients have enrolled, we ask them to leave reviews highlighting their positive interactions with your firm.


Our proprietary software sifts out the negative reviews so that you can address them privately rather than having them appear on Google.


In addition, we send an educational email campaign to your past clients to help them rebuild their finances. This typically generates further positive Google reviews.


We confirm your firm’s critical geographical data with all major search engines to make sure results are populating accurately.


Over time, you’ll see a direct increase in your organic traffic.

What you pay

Two Programs to Choose From

Basic Review Program
$0-$150 per month
$75 set up fee


Basic + Local Business Targeting
$75-$225 per month
$300 set up fee

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