Lead Generation

Generate Market tailored lead generation

A continuous stream
of qualified leads

By understanding the habits and patterns of behavior that lead to bankruptcy, we use data analytics to target the people most likely to become your clients. We do this for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. All leads are customized specifically to your firm. Your leads will:

  • Include name, cell phone number, and email address
  • Connect seamlessly to your firm’s lead-followup software
  • Be targeted specifically for your firm and market by county
  • Provide a 30 percent text-response rate

Our process in
2 minutes

How it works


We start by analyzing your firm and building a customized Ad campaign based on a battle-tested process.


We incorporate the latest Facebook strategies to understand the users in counties where you practice law.


Then, by using data analytics, we serve ads to people who are highly likely to be in need of your bankruptcy services.


When potential leads submit their info, we begin a personalized communication campaign via texting and email.


We send a series of text/emails on your behalf, all personalized with the client name, your name and your message over the course of a year.


Finally, when the potential lead is ready, we set up an with you , based on your calendar availability.

What you pay

$30-$45 per lead

  • Includes all email and text follow up
  • Price ranges depending on market and/or type of ads
  • Plus $10 per appointment set or plus $30 for live transfers
  • $350 set up fee

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